Storm Preparedness: FileTrac is Prepared and Ready to Assist

FileTrac’s principal service is to provide the best service for our customers on a daily basis, but also in Catastrophe situations where preparedness is the key to survival. It is under this premise that at the core of our storm preparedness program is the FileTrac Catastrophe Response Plan (FTCRP), which is updated and tested each year. It outlines how we mitigate the effects of, prepare for, respond to, and recover from catastrophic weather disasters that impact FileTrac and our customers.

With Hurricane Ian bearing down on Florida, FileTrac is enacting its FTCRP.  This protocol contains the following changes to services and system availability for all customers:


System Infrastructure and Security:

  1. Effective immediately FileTrac has postponed all maintenance and service interruptions scheduled for the rest of September & October 2022 so that the system will be available 24/7.
  2. All hardware and infrastructure are moved to 24 hour “live” monitoring for potential issues or special needs in order to be proactive to volume and usage needs of our customers.  FileTrac has designated resources with Rackspace and Cloud providers to assure our system is running at maximum capacity. 
  3. FileTrac has contacted our technology partners to make sure that they are ready for the maximum service levels and assistance for our customers.  These include access to our system through Auth0, claim services integrations with HOVER, XactAnalysis, Symbility and Torrent, data management and system infrastructure with Rackspace.


FileTrac Core Storm Services:

  1. Designated Support Members have been allocated to expedite the onboarding or expansion of any XA or Symbility Bridge for storm claims.
  2. Beginning 12 hours after landfall, FileTrac Support Team will move to 24/7 support for customers with storm needs or services.  These services and support are available through the following forums:
  3. Visit our Support website at
  4. Email our Support Team at
  5. Claim Import – FileTrac will provide at no cost, a claim loading service to all customers using our default excel import template to load claims into the FileTrac Claims System.  In order to receive this template, please email our support team and we will provide this document in preparation for your claims.
  6. Personnel Manager Import – FileTrac will provide at no cost, users loading service to all customers using our default personnel manager excel import template to load users into their FileTrac Claims System.  In order to receive this template, please email our support team and we will provide this document in preparation for your claims.
  7. HOVER Connect – HOVER and FileTrac will fast track any account setup for the HOVER integration for storm claims.  As a reminder, the HOVER integration allows for both adjuster or homeowners to complete the field capture for the HOVER Report.  For more information on these services, please contact our Support Team at

FileTrac’s Storm Preparation Tips:

  1. Connect with HOVER in your existing FileTrac System
  2. Review Adjuster Licenses, Ratings and Skills and make sure all data is current including XACT Net addresses (X1 or X28 formats), mobile phone #’s, email addresses, and client company information
  3. Review and prepare for the entry of CAT Codes for events
  4. Customize Claim Status to meet Client Standards of Work
  5. Review and update Document Library includes guidelines, policies, endorsement, etc.
  6. Create Template Documents to have consistency in reports
  7. For questions regarding any of these features, please review the Solutions Page on the FileTrac Support Site for Tips and Guides to all FileTrac Features.


FileTrac is committed to the success of our customers and in achieving the maximum support during these types of events.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us through the FileTrac Support System and we will respond immediately.   We are here and we are ready…

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