Tracking the security issues related to SolarWinds

FileTrac has been monitoring the SolarWinds breach and has received multiple inquiries from customers and vendors regarding any potential impact. More information on the breach is available here:

 FileTrac and most of our core vendors do not use SolarWinds products in our respective environments and therefore, have no risk for the vulnerable products defined in the SolarWinds release. One of our vendors has confirmed that, while they do use SolarWinds to support a small number of customers, FileTrac is not included in that group of customers, and the vendor has no reason to believe that the FileTrac environment was impacted by the attack on SolarWinds.  
Additionally, the vendor confirmed that they quickly updated the SolarWinds servers to a version recommended by SolarWinds, have found no indications of data access or exfiltration by an unauthorized actor, and continue to monitor for any potential issues. 

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