Dynamically explore data without limits and answer questions on the fly with AI-driven business analytics.

We’ve partnered with the leader in Business Intelligence. Sisense

  • Gain more comprehensive insights with an intuitive UI purpose-built for deeper data exploration
  • Leverage richer data models with ease and flexibility to answer questions on the fly
  • Filter and drill down into granular detail on your own or leverage AI-powered features for guided exploration

Radical Innovation

Sisense is leading innovation in the agile business analytics market. Every innovation is designed to help business users easily and quickly get the answers they need from complex data.

Obsessed with Customer Success

Sisense’s dedicated team has partnered with FileTrac to provide support and services to help our users to develop a data-driven culture.

Why Sisense? Simple...

The Sisense data and analytics platform is a complete end-to-end BI platform that empowers data engineers, developers, and analysts to build analytic apps that deliver highly interactive user experiences.

Company Claim Count Dashboard

Pulling from all of the connected data sources, the FileTrac Business Intelligence Suite, powered by Sisense puts all of the relevant data at the touch of your finger, in an expansive visual format.

Customer Claim Count Dashboard

With the FileTrac Business Intelligence Suite, powered by Sisense, your carriers claim trends and live analytics are available to assist with deployment, workload management and volume metrics.

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