Expanded Auth0 Experience

As part of our continued proactive efforts to enhance security and usability, FileTrac is introducing the latest technologies available through Auth0, a trusted leader in security and identity management to provide our customers with a more full-featured and expansive login experience.

Since all of our users are required to adopt multifactor authentication when accessing FileTrac, we have expanded our Auth0 offering to include an updated login page with an enhanced look and additional options for multifactor authentication.

If you’ve already enrolled in multifactor authentication, then no action is necessary. You can continue to login as before. If you have already enrolled in multifactor authentication and want to take advantage of any of the new options, please open a support ticket to request a reset of your multifactor authentication.

Opening a support ticket can be completed by visiting the FileTrac Support System at https://filetrac.freshdesk.com or by emailing support at support@filetrac.net. If you’re a new user that has not yet enrolled in multifactor authentication or an existing user looking to take advantage of the new features, then this video will guide you through the new and more expansive process.


When is this going to take place?

FileTrac will release the new Auth0 experience on late Monday night, October 19th.  This should have no impact on existing users and should you have any questions or concerns prior to the rollout or after, please open a support ticket as referenced above.

What if I don’t know the URL for the adjustment company I’m trying to access; or the current username and password; or the email address associated with the account?

If you do not have that information easily accessible, please ask your company administrator for assistance. Additionally, if your FileTrac user account does not already have an email address associated with it, that will also need to be provided by your company administrator prior to your first login.

As an Admin will I have access to users that I supervise?

Many of the security requirements of insurance carriers require that individual users are not able to share or emulate users. As an Admin you will NOT be able to go into another user’s account.

I have multiple FileTrac usernames. Can I use the same mobile phone to get the authentication code?

You will be able to use your same mobile number to get the authentication codes for multiple usernames.

I have some users that do not have a mobile phone to receive the authentication code. What are my options?

For these users, if they already exist, then please request a multifactor reset from support and review the attached video for new options other than a mobile phone.  

For new users, please refer to the video for the various options available for multifactor authentication.

Is the new login process optional?

No.  In order to meet the current security and compliance guidelines for carriers worldwide, this is a required step for all users to access carrier data.

Jim Everett
CEO, FileTrac™ Claims Management System
Online Reporting, Inc.
Email: jim@filetrac.net

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