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We connect systems, technologies, tools, and people in the insurance industry. With over 70 years of insurance experience, we know you, your business, and the real challenges you face in a constantly evolving industry.

Trust and Reliability

The insurance industry runs on trust and reliability. When we give our word, we keep it.

Expert Teams

We understand this industry's challenges, and our experts are ready to help you overcome them.

Business Evolution

Our goal is to help businesses in this industry evolve with a changing landscape, so you can scale without inflating your payroll.

Why Filetrac Evolve?

Industry Knowledge

Built for claims and evolved for the industry, we're a team of reliable people and products that will help your business scale. We know the industry, your business, and the challenges you face.


The insurance industry is all about connections. We change the way businesses in the industry connect with employees, contractors, carriers, customers, and their tools. Your communications are reliable and safe, because we built the platform with security and compliance at its core.

Real Solutions

No single piece of software solves everything. Real solutions come from knowledge, experience, innovation, and technology working together to grow and scale your business.

We have built this team and these products with a single focus: to provide a simple solution for our customers to the complex and changing insurance and technology industries. This means connecting with customers, carriers, workers, the insurance industry as a whole, Insurtech, legacy and future technologies, and more, at a global level, so that we understand the real challenges the industry is facing.

Only then can we build innovative products, connect to right technologies and platforms and evolve solutions that scale for our customers. Evolve is what we all have to do to be ready for what is coming tomorrow. One thing that is certain in life, and business, is that everything will evolve!

John Ryan

Chairman and CEO of Evolution Global, Inc.- Home of FileTrac Evolve

Why FileTrac Evolve?

Customer retention for over a decade:


Leadership with Claims Experience over:

70 years

Claims processed and growing:

24 million

Established in:


Registered users:




Our Evolution


Prior to COVID, FileTrac crossed 15 million claims and decided to start looking forward to the needs of the changing industry. While 2019 was a landmark year in growth for FileTrac, it was more important that 2019 was the year we started building new solutions, FileTrac Evolve and Evolution Connect. Solutions needed before we the industry was changed by a global pandemic.


We started as a solution for a single Independent Adjusting Firm. Designed for claims management and built around individual needs as companies started to grow.


Confirmed by the global pandemic, struggles in the global economy, and major change in the insurance industry the release of FileTrac Evolve is the first major step to providing real solutions to real challenges for our customers and the insurance industry. FileTrac Evolve is the foundation for what is to come by connecting people, systems, and technologies.

What's next for the platform?

What's next for the platform?


Redesigned Workflow and UI, for a fluid user experience


New customer portal for easier billing and faster support


Bigger and better infrastructure updates


New REST API, plus more connections and integrations



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